Replay RePower 4Mtr Extension cable.

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The RePower 4M Extension is an all new addition for the RePower adapters, allowing you to extend your RePower adapter up to 4 meters (13.1 ft). The RePower 4M Extension is compatible with our original RePower adapters and our new RePower V2 adapters that include 5 volt – 40 volt power input. All of our RePower kits are perfect for supplying external power to your camera for endurance events and activities. You can use the RePower 2200 (3+ hours) or RePower 4400 (6+ hours) Battery Pack to charge or give your camera that extra juice. The adapter also includes a 3.5 mm mini jack to plug in an external audio source. With a large microSD card and the RePower Adapter you can capture extended video and time-lapse photos. The new RePower 4M Extension can be combined with the new RePower 225 Adapters, RePower USB Adapter, and even a car adapter to build the most versatile power solution, Or you can remove one end and hardwire direct into a vehicle. Extension 4 m (13.1 ft) -Great for extended power runs to our RePower 2200 or 4440 battery pack. -Great for hardwiring into a 5-40 volt power systems, quick disconnect screw-on connector.