Brunton GoPro Hero 3+ All Day Battery

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Imagine being able to get through an entire day without worrying about your GoPro running out of juice. BRUNTON’s ALL-DAY extends the power of your GoPro HERO3+ to more than 4x the spec’d run-time!

Plus while you're grabbing lunch you can top up your phone and tablet so you don’t miss a beat.

So you just did a pretty impressive feat: You bungee jumped off a rickety old bridge, and as you sprung back up from the initial drop, you managed to snag a bald eagle between your teeth. Even better, not one feather on the federally protected creature was harmed. In fact, as far as you can tell, it rather enjoyed the experience. Now here’s the bad news: Your GoPro’s battery died before you even jumped.

ALL-DAY is a 4000mAh extended battery for the GoPro HERO3+ that extends the run-time by up to four times compared to standard battery alone. Use the ALL-DAY for extended shoots; when you are out all day; or for super long time lapses!

Compatible with HERO3+ housing.

Make sure you never lose your amazing action moments with the All Day High Capacity Power Supply for the GoPro Hero 3+ from Brunton. This waterproof and weather resistant juice provider extends the power of your rugged camera nearly 4 times its specified run time. It also doubles as a portable power device, allowing you to plug in your cell phone or tablet, yielding up to 2.5 smartphone charges. A 3-in-1 adapter cable (Micro USB, Lightning, 30-Pin to USB) is included.

P.S. Regarding the Eagle? Pics or it BS.