Replay Hardwire Car Adapter - 4 Metre with Audio In

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The Replay XD Hardwire Adaptor is perfect for supplying constant power to your camera for endurance events and activities.

It comes with a 4 meter long cable with an attached car adaptor.

The adaptor also includes a 3.5mm mini jack to plug in an external audio source.

With a 32 GB micro SDHC card and the Hardwire adaptor you can capture up to 15 hours of continuous video (settings dependant).

Note: The Car Adaptor can be cut off to expose the red wire (postive 12-24V) and white wire (ground), this can be hardwired to a 12-24V DC power source.

Powering this adaptor through a dashboard switch will enable you to start recording upon power application, Great for racecars!