Replay Prime X RePower Battery Adaptor.

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The RePower Adaptor is all new for the Prime X camera.

A new model with improved construction, 5 volt – 40 volt power input, rugged cabling, combined with our renowned and easy to use quick-connectors.

Those wanting a vehicle powered camera solution and auto start/stop of recording, this is the cable for you.

All of our RePower kits are perfect for supplying external power to your camera for endurance events and activities.

You can use the RePower 2200 (3+ hours) or RePower 4400 (6+ hours) Battery Pack to charge or give your camera that extra juice.

The adaptor also includes a 3.5 mm mini jack to plug in an external audio source. With a large micro-SD card and the RePower Adaptor you can capture extended video and time-lapse photos.

The new RePower Adaptors can be combined and customised with the new RePower 4mtr Extension, RePower USB Adaptor, and even a car adaptor to build the most versatile power solution.

225 mm (8.8 in) cord includes a 3.5 mm mini jack Audio-in, for plugging in an external intercom or microphone.

Or: the HDMI version for powering your camera, Audio input & live HDMI Type D Female video output.

400 mm long cord includes male HDMI output cable,  3.5mm mini jack Audio-in, for plugging in an external intercom or microphone.

The plug can be removed from the end to allow hard-wiring to your own connector or power supply. Perfect for in-car power solutions.