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The VIO POV.HD is the ultimate helmet camera, combining high end components with smart design and rugged features. The VIO POV.HD is the first helmet camera to shoot native 1080p HD video thanks to its Texas Instruments hardware and 6 element glass lens. The complete VIO POV.HD system is water, dust and shock proof and it is easy to use thanks to its colour LCD screen and remote control. The VIO POV.HD is built around the Texas Instruments DaVinci processor and utilizes a full 1920 x 1080 sensor, making the VIO POV.HD the only helmet camera that records native 1080p full HD video. Other HD helmet cams upscale information from a 1280 x 960 sensor which degrades the video quality and reduces the field of view. The VIO POV.HD not only shoots in native 1080p, it has onboard processing technology that corrects for lens distortion (fish-eye), vignetting (reduced brightness/saturation around edges) and lens softness. Couple all this with a high quality 6 element glass lens and the end result is stunning HD video in harshest of conditions. The VIO POV.HD has a 142 degree field of view in the 1080p mode and the option of recording in 720p HD at 60 frames per second with a 95 degree field of view. Both of these modes record 8 min/GB, giving 4.3 hours of recording on a 32GB SD card. You can also shoot in SD to extend recording times (480p/30fps/120 degree field of view, 30min/GB). Videos are saved with an easy to play and edit .mp4 file extension using H.264 compression. You can also use the VIO POV.HD to take high resolution still photos. The POV.HD has a variable sensitivity microphone, allowing you to adjust the sound recording level to suit your application. You can also hook up any external microphone (such as a tie clip microphone or intercom) with a 3.5mm pin. The complete VIO POV.HD system including the camera head and recording unit is waterproof (to 1m), dustproof and shockproof, plus you can take the VIO POV.HD even deeper with the VIO H2O waterproof bag. The VIO POV.HD camera head is made from machined aluminium and the recording unit is made from hardened plastic. Underneath the sealed port cover on the bottom of the POV.HD you will find the SD card slot (takes up to a 32GB card), a USB port for downloading your clips, an AV port for playback on your TV (you can also live stream video out whilst recording) and a 3.5mm microphone input. The back of the camera has a sealed battery port; the VIO POV.HD runs on 4 x AA batteries which will last approximately 2.5 hours in the HD modes for alkaline disposables or Ni-MH rechargbeables (5 hours with Li-Ion batteries) and approximately 8 hours in the SD mode with alkaline or NiMH rechargeables. Alternatively you can run the VIO POV.HD on 12V power with the addition of the POV Power (not included). The VIO POV.HD has a 2.5” colour LCD screen that you can use to set up your camera angle, watch back you clips and navigate the menu in the field with ease. You can start and stop recording use the buttons on the VIO POV.HD recording unit or using the wireless RF remote control. The VIO POV.HD is packed full of features, yet it is easy to use. The colour LCD screen makes it easy to set up your camera, change settings in the field and watch back clips immediately. The wireless remote that comes with the VIO POV.HD makes starting/stopping recording simple with large buttons that are easy to operate with gloves on. The VIO POV.HD has 4 different recording modes: clip mode, which is a standard start/stop recording mode, loop mode which allows you to continually record and only keep the sections you want, loop plus forward mode which captures footage from the past and then continues to record until you stop, and still mode which allows you to capture still photos. The VIO POV.HD also has a tag function which allows you "bookmark" important sections of your recording as you go. You can then compile these tagged sections automatically into one highlight clip while you are in the field. The VIO POV.HD comes as a complete kit and has everything you need to use it straight out of the box. The VIO POV.HD comes in a sturdy carry case and includes: 1 x VIO POV.HD recording unit
with preloaded tutorials 1 x HD camera head with 1.5 meter digital cable
 1 x Wireless remote control
with wristband 1 x 4GB SDHC memory card
 4 x AA disposable batteries
 1 x Star mount with camera clamp and adhesive based velcro 1 x Magnets for cap mounting star mount 1 x Goggle Strap Mount 1 x LCD Protective Cover
 1 x AV cable (for connecting to a TV)
 1 x USB cable (for connecting to a computer) 1 x Carry Case
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